Tuesday 07 November 2017 kl. 23:57

We are in the process of organising a public meeting and are getting in touch with our guest speakers, venue, etc. As soon as we have this in place we will publicise it in the local media.After viewing the detailed drawings, our members are unanimous in objecting to the development.

The following is a brief summary of the points raised at our meeting, Thursday 8th January '09:

1 We consider the proposed re-development of the existing structure to be a mutilation of the existing design. The interference with the structure to incorporate new openings spoils its character.

2 The proposed extension would obstruct the view of the bridge over the River Shannon - Athlone's most important landmark.

3 The building is on the site of the medieval town defences, namely the Connaught Tower. This is of significant archaeological importance. We have this information confirmed from an authoritative source.

4 The development would necessitate the removal of a considerable number of trees from the promenade.

The above points will be contained and expanded upon in our submission to the ATC.

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