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How to Replace an Older Car Key Model

Tuesday 05 February 2019 at 04:57 am.

Replacing electric car keys are a breeze these days but what if you lost the keys to a second hand car? Does it take long to replace a car key from an old car model? Here are some tips on how you should have your car key replaced.

 VIN number

Your vehicle’s VIN number will be needed to replace your car key. For some models, the VIN number can be found on the driver’s side dashboard and you can see it through the window; sometimes the VIN number is placed in the front of the engine block, rear wheel well, trunk or door jam, or between the carburetor and the windshield washer. If you are having trouble locating it in your car, you can look up your car insurance information and look for a 17-digit letter/number codes with the help of afalocksmith-birmingham.

 Gather information

Aside from the VIN number, you should gather the year, make, and model of your car. This information will help specify the type of key you need. Every key for every car dealer has its own unique quality and this information will help your locksmith know what type of key he should make.


Get an auto locksmith

Calling a locksmith should be your first option if you also want the cheapest solution to your dilemma. In fact, the older your vehicle, the better chances a locksmith can help you. If you have a slightly newer car model with you, do not be discouraged because auto locksmiths have their own sophisticated machinery so if you lost a key fob, they will be able to make you a new one at almost half the price of what your dealership will charge you.

 Get replacement keys online

If you have time to wait, you can also look for discounted replacement key fobs online. After market keys are factory replacements and they cost less because you are getting them directly from the manufacturer. The older the car model and the simpler the key, the easier it will be for you to find a replacement. Although take note that some cars require specialized equipment to program the new key so you might still need outside help for that.