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Be competitive! Get Familiar with Tools for SEO competitor analysis

Saturday 30 March 2019 at 05:52 am.

So, you are thinking that your competitors are actually outranking you? That may be true! And that is not good news.  But wait! There is something you can do to help your page reach more people and become more searchable. This may sound difficult, but believe me! Others are using this and they are actually improving their rank.

Here’s what:  there are tools for SEO competitor analysis that you will use in order for your site to be on the highest rank in the search. There are many of them, but let’s talk only about few ones which are very much helpful.


This tool provides you an overview of website traffic, referrals, social media, advertising displays, and other similar sites and apps. Checking on similar sites will give you an idea where you might rank on the list, considering that you have almost the same site.


If you are running a business site, Alexa would be more helpful to you. This tool provides deep analytical insights to compare and optimize business on the seoe xpertbrad. Entrepreneurs, this tool is for you. If you are a digital marketer, Alexa gives you insights to optimize your users. When it comes to competition, this will guide you understand the view of the business you are entering. Moreover, this is also helpful to publishers and site owners because you can accurately monitor monthly visits, page views, etc.

Keyword Competitor

This is a tool that would make you value your keyword. This might be ignored by your competitors, so it’s a chance for you to take a look at it very well.  Here’s what:  it is very important that you use the right keywords.  You may integrate the long tail keywords into your blogs and increase your search performance. 

There are more tools for SEO competitor analysis that you should be looking into aside from the mentioned above.  Be competitive and improve your rank.