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Online Sales Funnel: Understanding the Stages

Thursday 11 April 2019 at 06:24 am.

The sales funnel is a popular marketing system that works best for online businesses. It was named that way because if you explain the system in diagram form, the whole thing looks the same as a funnel. The sales funnel strategy covers the stages from the moment your prospects hear about you down to the moments they decide to make a purchase. Depending on what type of product or service you have, the stages may differ since there are variabilities in niche types and buyer personas but for those who need a Funnelytics Review, the general sales funnel should have at least four stages as follows:


This stage is on top of the funnel and is the biggest one in the diagram. The stage includes leads or prospects or the people who come to your website, whether it may be through chance or because they were particularly looking for imtools review product or service. In this stage, people learn about you for the first time and this is where you need to make a good first impression.


During this stage, the prospects are already interested in your product or service and is actively looking at your website. They may take steps like subscribing to your accounts or email list or following your social media accounts. At this stage, you should engage them with interesting and unique content that will make them remember you and keep them come back for more.


Here, the prospects are paying attention to what you have to offer and trying to decide whether they should make a purchase or not. At this stage, you should be able to present sale offers that will not make them say no.


The fourth stage is when the prospects buy your product or avail your service. You have to make sure that you deliver customer satisfaction because if a customer is happy with the way the deal pushed through and how the product reached them, they will surely buy again from you and become a loyal customer.